code of my research, coursework, side projects, etc.


Year Name Description Paper Link
2023 Composite-adv Library to launch composite adversarial attack as well as defense mechanism to train robust models. paper GitHub
2022 NCToolkit PyTorch based neural network calibration toolkit. paper GitHub


Year Name Description Link
2021 Biomedical Image Analysis Processed CT images in DICOM format and analyzed the Hounsfield unit distribution to denoise, allowing radiologists to facilitate medical diagnosis. This further facilitates the reconstruction of 3D lung models. GitHub
2021 VLSI Physical Design Automation Courseworks of VLSI Physical Design Automation, NTHU. GitHub
2020 Amazing Dinosaur A dinosaur running game featuring real-time scoring and scene-keyboard-sound interaction developed on the FPGA board. GitHub
2019 PShop A PHP based E-Commerce Platform Front End & Back End; basic template, easy to modify! GitHub

coding basics

Year Name Description Link
2020 Coding Competition Solving List This repository contains problems I completed in these years. GitHub